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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some Descriptive Art Words

Here are some words you chose from your critical essay readings.  Perhaps a word or two may help you describe your chosen works.

Materials were used in the following ways:
revered gestures and impastos, Aurally capturing intonation.  Jabbed, plastered, torn, ripped, impasto, Dominant, emphasized, Unified, Foreground, horizon, point of view, contrasting, strong contours, Raging colors, zigzag marks, punctuated marks, activated textures, pure, sensuous, elegant,  aggressive, gestural, luminosity, dynamism, energy, leathery, festively scribbled, earthy colors, bold brush strokes, shadowed, foggy, spontaneous, lush, naturalistic, magical, intensities, pulsing, delicate, edible, painterly, balmy, effluent, , brilliant, tangles of color, swoop, explode, stucco-like, painterly, flecked with chipped paint, graceful line, flat color,

Qualities of a work:
cluttered, emotionally isolated, emotionally charged, pragmatic, topsy-turvy, exaggerated, spatial rendering, low keyed, allusive/ness, stair-like, ladder-like, melodramatic, sleek, apocalyptic, infinite, languid, furious energy, radical, daring, geometric abstraction, Dynamic, background, depth, kitsch, intimate,
Sequential art (comics), time based art (film/video/other), performance art, audio sculpture,
Bright, contrast, detail, emblematic way of seeing art, dynamics, mnemonic and associative, tension, spectacle, nonevent, imaginative construction, incompletion, looped infinity, visually austere, conceptually dense, unconscious allusion, futile composition, acerbic, twisted, self-emasculating, widely exaggerated pastiche, skewing, grotesque, swirling morass, licks, quasi-surrealist, diminutive, 

idiosyncratic, achromatic, neutral retinal reach, dynamic, skittily, deformed, sexual, tragic, bourgeois, war, death, flamboyance, self-conscience, mischievous, Freudian, desires, peace, pain, silly, psychoanalytic, improvisation, sparks of beauty, fragile, royal statuary, social disparities, modest in scale, cartoon-like presence, many elements at play, organic forms, isolated & emphasized, convincing dialogue, rounded, wavy shapes, “contemporary” look, zip & pizzazz, complex figuration, perilous, movement, richly textured, narrative form , representational art, not on the agenda, boundaries of the visible,  immutable. vehicle of power,  all manner,  “decade” pieces. Vividly realistic. Large. Shaking. Aggressive. Fragile. Ominous. Tranquil. Imposing. Peaceful. Transformative. Weightlessness. Edgy, social and political hierarchy, vibrant, bright, 

playful, masculine and feminine, contrast, fantasy, compositional, flat, ridiculous, painstaking skill, jumping off point; unmistakable, disquieting allusive forms, leitmotifs (thematic passage of music),  compelling and awkwardly decorative; cluster of wax-dribbled sheets, steel cornucopia-like structures, meticulously woven, bulging, hollow, mottled patina of rust, golden translucency and gentle kineticism, reflexive sneezing caused by sunlight, floating tracery, tamarind kernel powder paste, cascading circles and ellipses, trailing peacock tails, looping shadows, rippling contours, gracefully carved, smoothly sanded, sprinkled with blue glass beads, striding through mud, infusion, tactile, Zebra Skin, hollow, radar-screen like grid, dark gray, zig-zag, Day-Glo paint, fantasy, complex... Surface, coloration, canvas, stenciled, fragmented, interplay, solidity, calculated, camouflage, material object, internal external edge, extension, echo, visual properties, our gaze aims at, celebrity, nuance, apocalyptic, luminous, innocent, traditional, looking, observing, rendered, iconic sign, not painting nor sculpture, a trace, image, tactile,

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