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Thursday, January 12, 2017

RAW natural born artists

I went to the RAW natural born artists presentation last night at the Trocadero; supporting one of our own (former Springfield) artists, whose work was clearly outstanding. Simply described,  RAW is a showcase for young emerging artists, and touts itself as a link to "industry players" as they call them.  It is a good idea that has greater possibilities if developed properly.

 I was attracted by the line on their website,"we dig the underground," and I was anxious to see what the artists were showing.   It was a large crowd in a small venue which was barely suitable for showing art, but the promoters were showcasing much more than visual art.  Artistic hair styling, fashion, and accessories were also included, and the stage at the Trocadero was available for bands, performance art, and independent films.  It was really a big party for the arts.  Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun?  You could feel the excitement and anticipation as the audience lined up down the block for admission.

Although I could not stay to see all the performances, I found the visual art fairly conservative and traditional, for example, well composed color photos of flowers and trees. I guess I was expecting something more groundbreaking like graffiti tattooed farm animals or something.  Don't get me wrong- the work was professionally presented but my expectations were just more wild. Also missing were the "industry players"  as I would recognize some of them. 

Overall, I think the RAW exhibition gives some public exposure, and they do offer web exposure as well.  Which is especially good for local outsider talent which may not have the benefit of an art education.  It was clear though, that the artist's friends and relatives were the greatest supporters there.  It's a small demographic.  I believe that if the promoters did a little more homework- advertising in the local media rather than through social media, inviting local art professionals as guests, play up the "party" idea more (a big first Friday in one venue), and limited the number of arts they address at one time, they could achieve better results with a more diverse audience.  It is the beginning of a good idea.

Click me for more detailed info on the RAW site.

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