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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Barnes Museum

While visiting the Barnes, I was suprised by what I saw when entering the museum. The outside had a modern look to it, with the stillness of the reflecting pond while symmetrical pine trees lined up before it. On the other hand the rooms were filled with paintings, textiles, sculptures, etc. and had a more historic feeling. This was probably because the paintings ranged from late 18th century to early 19th century, making everything in the room seem old and ancient. I noticed that Renoir appeared numerous times which made my love for his work grow. I didn’t mind seeing ten Renoir paintings in a row, in fact, it made me appreciate his work even more. The style of his brushstrokes creating fuzzy outlines is what got me. While looking closely at his paintings, the lines were smoothed and blurred around the edges, giving it a soft edge. The softness of his edges are what really attracted me; there were rarely any harsh lines. On the other hand, my least favorite artist in the museum was Matisse. I wasn’t impressed with his work because of the quick brush strokes and I didn’t prefer the color choices he used. It was nice seeing the diversity of the art work, going from painting to sculpture to weavings.

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