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Friday, June 13, 2014

While looking at our own high school art exhibit, I realized it was set up like the Barnes museum in how when looking at a piece of art, beyond each board you could see more art. I don't know if the art teachers plan for this to happen or if it was just a happy accident. Our trip to the Barnes was absolutely breath taking. The outside was gorgeous with all the water running over the rocks and a huge reflecting pool.  I really enjoyed the upstairs at the Barnes with all of the sculptures and weavings. There was this one weaving that was painted on which looked amazing!! Also I enjoyed all the pictures of dancers. My two favorite things; dancing and art. The recent exhibition room with all the ladders and that huge table of jurors was really cool. I wonder why none of them had heads? Anyway you could feel the tension in their body language even though they had no faces to portray those emotions. My favorite in that exhibit was the boy climbing up the back of a ladder made of books. I love the concept and the outfit he had on was really well crafted.

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