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Saturday, October 17, 2015

James Gary Miller

                                    James Miller, 2012, Mixed Media Collage, 7"x11,"

James Miller, and he preferred to be called "James," graduated from Springfield in 2013.  Within the past year he fell from a window and was in a coma until he passed away on September 19th.  He was a promising artist, a bright student, and quite a philosophical person.  It was a pleasure to have him as a student.  I always looked forward to his homework presentations.  He wouldn't give hints or clues to what he was doing, and was full of surprises.  He won the award for graphic art at the PSEA Touch the Future student competition for the illustrated book seen below.  The book is on permanent display in the high school library entrance.  For more information on James' life go to:  http://www.chestnuthilllocal.com/2015/09/30/james-gary-ellis-miller/

                            James Miller, Life, Cartoon Illustration on 8x10" Moleskine.

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