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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

An Artist Returns

When I was hired at Springfield I was fortunate to have mentors who developed an outstanding philosophy of teamwork, respect, and initiating a comfortable yet professional classroom climate.  Many of you fondly remember the welcoming, comfortable, and sometimes playful atmosphere the art room presented.  These teachers also modeled excellence, in developing relevant, challenging curriculum,  and created a cohesive program that built upon knowledge and skills from previous courses.  Above all, these teachers were also active working artists, which continues to be a departmental goal.

One of these mentor/teachers, Arla Patch, who most know as "Arla"  and other youngerlings remember as Mrs. Sandstrom, moved back into the area from Maine.  She has a show you can see in Doylestown, Pa.  Hopefully you'll be able to welcome her back.  See show information below.


If you are reading this post after Dec. 20, 2015 you missed Arla's show, but you can still view her website:

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