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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Communication and Perception

As this blog begins a new life, I have received feedback and discovered a gap in the perception of intentions.  In my mind there are hundreds of thoughts and possibilities brewing.  I try to narrow those possibilities when I communicate in writing, and I try to keep the description brief so you'll read it.  However, much is lost in translation. 

If you read the "welcome" in yellow at the top of this page you will see the blog's concept is concerned with writing descriptively about your experiences related to art, what you learned about art, or exploring your visual world.   But...this is your blog.  You can post a picture or event if you want.  The only rule is- consider your audience.  There are students present.

Whether you've continued to make visual art is not important.  What is significant is that your high school art education placed roots in your thoughts and visual perceptions.   Whether or not you remember learning it, you have a vocabulary surrounding the elements and principles of visual perception and interpretation.  You may write anything that you think is relevant.  For example, you may be driving down the road one day, and remember a quote the teacher used to say in class [Nina Rosini used to like the line I stole from a movie- "I know a thing or two about thing or two"].  Or you may think that evaluations in an art class are very subjective.  That may open up a whole can of worms for debate. Perhaps you found a cool video on the web, or perhaps you want to comment on the pros or cons of the art room environment- too lax too strict.   Those simple thoughts would be enough to post or write about.

My point- you are a community of learners who have shared similar foundations.  Class continues...

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