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Monday, October 6, 2014

First Friday, Philadelphia

John Moore, Crossing Guard
John Moore, Crossing Guard, 2013, oil on canvas, 60 x 50 inches

Some of you are familiar with this artist as an instructor from Tyler School of Art or from The University of Pennsylvania's graduate program.  Whether you know him or not, he has a number of paintings on display at the Locks Gallery, 600 Washington Sq. (roughly the corner of 6th st. below walnut).  His work can also be seen in various Museum and Gallery collections in the U.S., including the Portland Museum, Portland, Maine.

His recent paintings are from the Frankford Section of Philadelphia, but let me tell you Frankford, although being revitalized, doesn't look as good.   Moore's paintings are often pieced together fragments from different locations. Sometimes his references are from other states.  So don't spend too much time trying to pinpoint an exact location in Philadelphia.

Artistically, photographs of the artist's work don't clearly show the color fields of varied grays you'll see at the exhibit.  Although there are striking pinks, blues, and yellows, and glowing lines of bright color, the grays that he plays those colors against make the magic.  If you want to look at other artist's work who are closely related, I'd check out Charles Demuth, Charles Sheeler (Doylestown local), Hans Hoffman, and Richard Diebenkorn.     ...Isn't it funny?  Although I got to talk to John Moore briefly, I never thought to ask him about his personal influences.  It's interesting what one does in the moment, and then wished they'd done in hindsight.

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