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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New to a blog?

The reading is the easy part.  Many of my tech-savvy students have been bewildered by the minor complexities of blog posting.  Though, it really is quite easy.  When you want to post something on the blog, look at the top right corner of this page and click the blue "sign in" button.  Once you've signed in you'll be shown the dashboard page.  Now click on the word/s "SpringfieldArtBlog" and look for the orange "Post" button.  You'll now see a "Compose" window.  After you've composed/completed your post, hit the orange "Publish" button.  The program will do everything else except write for you. You are always able to go back and edit, even after you've published it.  If you experience any difficulty email me.

Note:  I find it easier to write in Microsoft Word, then copy and paste to the "compose" page .  For posting photos it is the same, just select the photo, copy, and paste. 

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